Alita TestNet 2.0 Mining

Becoming a Alita miner is an opportunity for community members to help processing big data with privacy-preserving capabilities based on asset-light edge computing technology. By providing network security and computing resource on edge terminals, Alita miners help build a more open, resilient, and data responsible cloud service provider.

Alita mining is a novel opportunity to earn revenue from providing data storage and cloud services to clients across a vast network and a vast edge devices including mobile phone. Miners earn fees by processing client computing tasks on the Alita network.

The more tasks a Alita miner executes, the more that miner’s computing power grows. More computing power on the network means it is more likely a specific miner can generate blocks and win block rewards. Miners can choose whether to participate in computing power consensus.

Reallocating idle computing resources to run Alita nodes turns your once latent computing and data assets into a privacy-preserving federated computation service. The block production and computing services that miners provide are incredibly valuable to Alita’s ecosystem. By bringing many miners and computing power providers together in a decentralized network, Alita unites computing power providers in the computation marketplace for buying computation power, which would build a asset-light and privacy-preserving model of cloud computing.

How to join the testnet 2.0

To join the upcoming Alita testnet, you need to provide the corresponding hardware equipment and install and configure the Alita MIner client. For more information about installation and configuration, please refer to Instructions start your mining journey. Or visit testnet portal for more details.

Join telegram group for technology support.

To become an ALITA miner, you need to create an ALITA account with a private key (note that the private key is safe, the account cannot be retrieved if the private key is lost) and successfully bind to the device. After that, you can find your device on the ALITA client and you can view your own Usage of mining resources.

Hardware Requirments

CPU: 8 cores or above

MEM: 16G or above MEM

HDD: 512G or above HDD.

OS: Centos is recommended.

Later will support ARM based devices and android mobile phone.

Test target

Verify the correctness and stability of core logic
The TestNet will be reset several times
Reward those community members who actively participate.




The world’s first MapReduce framework based on federated computing network supporting Android for privacy-preserving.

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The world’s first MapReduce framework based on federated computing network supporting Android for privacy-preserving.

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